Hi I'm Theresa!

Hi I'm Theresa!

Extreme Couponer

Easy Couponing with Theresa® is an online website that teaches people how to save money with and without coupons. It features deals from various retailers around the world. Many people enjoy it because they learn and save all at the same time.

We are a newbie-friendly community that loves helping households take care of their family’s needs with food, baby items, household goods, personal items, gifts, etc. We take pride in helping those on a tight budget achieve their goals each season.

Easy Couponing does the tedious work of deal finding, sale watching, and coupon matching for individuals to make couponing less time-consuming for the average consumer.

We are so glad you took the time to stop by and visit us. Please take a look around and enjoy the site.

Happy savings savvy shopper!

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My name is Theresa and I am the creator of Easy Couponing with Theresa®. This brand started as a hobby for me and flourished into me helping those near and far. Finding deals on a daily basis is such a thrill for me. This journey has been very exciting and I am glad you decided to stop by. Besides being a deal finder, I am also an Air Force veteran, an author, wife, and mother. I also enjoy traveling. This site has a lot to offer so have a look around.

Please click here to contact me with questions as I am PR-friendly!

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